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Restaurants in Savannah

Sid’s Favorite Restaurants in Savannah, GA

  • A fantastic place for lunch. You won’t see this cuisine coming, but I guarantee you’ll be going back.
  • The food here is understated but fantastic. You’ll never forget the lentil burgers.
  • This is a Savannah “Must Do.” If you don’t order the fried green tomatoes, I will be evicting you… (just kidding!!!)
  • Savannah’s own Paula Dean knows how to cook, y’all. Skip the lines and book by phone: (912) 233-2600.
  • I always get the fried green tomatoes and the buffet, but you won’t be disappointed no matter what you order. Just stay away from your bathroom scale for a few days and you’ll be fine.

Rocks on the River serves up the finest contemporary southern fare on the riverfront. This authentic Savannah experience features the finest seafood from Georgia’s waters. Fresh seasonal ingredients, and artful creations from their award-winning chef.

A locally owned, and operated pizzeria in the heart of Savannah’s entertainment district.
We truly enjoyed our dining experience here on our last night in Savannah. The perfect place to celebrate our anniversary. Set in a beautiful home, the ambiance, service, and food were all lovely. Was delightful to be served by one of the owners. The whole experience was charming.
  • They are great place to sit and watch the game and have awesome food! I highly recommend….. EVERYTHING!
  • Meal Takeaway in Savannah

We strongly recommend these restaurants to our guests.

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